Discovering digital added value

Make room for new ways of thinking.

Thomas Rohrbach, CEO and Co-Founder, STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX GmbH

When we hear the word digitization, we Germans in particular think of it as a tool to manage and govern things more efficiently. Only a few people recognize the opportunity it offers to see added value from a different perspective — the top line.

What’s clear is that progress in the digital realm is opening up brand-new business models. And it’s also clear that someone is going to discover these business models for themselves — and that someone is not necessarily going to be one of the established industries.

So there is more demand than ever for the courage to experiment. And that in turn calls for a new corporate culture. Employees have to be encouraged to try out new things. Mistakes should not be punished: they should be regarded as an opportunity to learn.

In other words, make room for new ways of thinking.

Digitization is the linking of the real and virtual worlds through the comprehensive availability of data on physical objects and processes.

The need for qualification in companies is increasing. The competence profiles are changing. Uncertainties caused by ignorance lead to defenses and resulting inefficiencies. Staufen Digital Neonex combines all relevant qualification modules for a digital transformation in the Digital Transformation Academy program.

The objectives are: Sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences, gathering inspiration, experiencing excellence, and working together to develop joint action models. This creates acceptance, trust and success among specialists and executives.

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