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Portrait Kathrin Negele, Head of Marketing, Academy, Events

Change is hitting our companies. No one can escape it, and the role of management in particular is changing. Additional skills and abilities are in demand.

Adaptability and learning speed are becoming core competencies – regardless of business model and competitive environment.

Within the framework of our training courses, we make you fit for change!

Kathrin Negele,
Head of Marketing, Academy, Events, STAUFEN.AG

Our Qualification Programs

Executive Leader Programm

Executive Leader Program

The accelerated speed of today’s transitions and dynamic market developments are trends that require top-tier managers to acquire new skills. In addition to general management and strategic finesse, the focus is shifting towards establishing competence in the areas of leadership, change management and continuous improvement of organizational structures and employees.

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Lean Leader Training

The success of the Lean transformation at your company stands and falls with the mindset and abilities of your management. Develop your own Lean Leaders who will pave the way to peak performance in your field of responsibility – with the help of our training to be a Certified Lean Leader. The Lean Leader guarantees that Lean method competence will be sustainably anchored at your company.

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Agile Leader Training

The future is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) – most companies agree on this, because the influences of digital transformation are both equally fast-moving and challenging. Shorter innovation and development cycles, higher demands on individualization and increasing networking of value creation are ubiquitous influencing factors that we are confronted with in the modern VUCA world. To meet these challenges, companies must respond to the changing environment quickly and efficiently.

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Lean Expert and Trainer Training

Effective, competent and appreciative at eye level – that’s what our training series stands for. In the same way, our graduates pass on their know-how internally and support your improvement process with workshops and projects. Because with improvement experts in your own company, you create the best conditions for sustainably exploiting your optimization potential.

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Lean Experte Titelbild 2022
Kata Ausbildung

Kata Training

Kata is a term that comes from martial arts: the act of constantly practicing and applying a sequence of actions is designed to turn it into a routine which can be called up instantly as needed. Mike Rother makes a distinction between improvement kata and coaching kata. In improvement kata, the objective is to apply a learning routine to the process of gradually achieving a defined target.

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Our training partners

As part of the Lean Expert and Trainer training in conjunction with our training partner, the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at the Technical University of Darmstadt (PTW), we have created comprehensive professional-development programs for you that meet the needs of every area of responsibility and the corresponding corporate functions.

As part of the Executive Leader Program, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) is at our side as an expert. The Fraunhofer Institute realizes innovative solutions for sustainable production in the future industries of Germany as a technology location.

Our Trainer-Team

The guarantor for your success

Our team of trainers is characterized by competence and experience. What makes it remarkable is that all of our trainers come from industry, have been managers and executives or experts in their field for many years, and understand better than anyone else the tasks that their participants and coachees are currently facing.

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