Once you have Applied, the Following Occurs

When we received your application portfolio, we will email you to confirm receipt. Your papers will then be reviewed as soon as possible by our HR business partners and the appropriate department. If your application is not a good fit for us, you will receive a message as quickly as possible so that you can focus on other applications.

If we feel that you might be a good match for Staufen, we will start out by making arrangements for a phone interview. If it goes well, we will then invite you to an interview in person, followed by a second interview. Depending on what position you apply for, your application process may also include relevant case studies, presentations or job shadowing.

It is our goal to make the application process both as thorough and as lean and rapid as possible. We aspire to give you a definitive yes or no after about 10 weeks.

Your Contact

Linda Ding

Finance & HR Manager


Phone: +86 21 6441 7102

E-Mail: l.ding@staufen.cn

Tips for a Successful Application

Clarify your willingness to travel

As a consultant at Staufen, you will be on the road a lot. You should bear this in mind and coordinate it in advance with your private environment, especially with your family. By the way, a class B driver’s license is a prerequisite for consultants.

Sort your documents

We need a clearly structured curriculum vitae in tabular form and copies of your most important certificates, work references and attestations. For non-EU citizens, we also require a work and residence permit as a scan or in digital form.

Provide concrete information

When applying for internships, student traineeships or theses, please state the desired period and whether the internship is voluntary or compulsory.

Apply online only

Not only does your digital application expedite the process; it also helps us keep our office as paperless as possible. You only need to fill out our application form and upload three separate documents: your cover letter, resume and your transcripts / references (PDF, max. 5 MB. per file). If you are applying for multiple positions at once, fill out only one form, and you can simply indicate any further preferences in your cover letter.

Prepare for the interview

When you talk with us, show us what you want to achieve in the future, and tell us the topics that enthuse you. And take advantage of the opportunity to ask us questions. After all, you are not only presenting yourself to us, we are presenting ourselves to you. By the way, we don’t have a dress code for the interview. Just be your authentic self.

General Questions

What do I do if I’m interested in multiple job vacancies?

Apply for one position, and use your cover letter to indicate the other positions you would be interested in. As we review your application, we will see which positions are a good match and will approach you about any other potential opportunities.

What happens to my data after I apply?

After a certain period of time, your application will be deleted. If you like, however, we can also save your file for consideration when positions become vacant in the future.

How are new employees at Staufen trained?

There is a separate program for integrating new employees at Staufen. Read more here.

Questions About Professionals

Not necessarily. At Staufen, consultants can choose where they want to live. If you are employed at the Staufen headquarters in Germany, you can maintain your primary residence in Germany.

We work to make it happen. For the most part, we work on site with the client, and as needed, we are in the office for tasks such as preparing, following up and coordinating projects, team meetings, developing service products, etc.

Our consultants are frequently deployed in foreign countries, depending on the project, their area of expertise and linguistic skills. Unfortunately we cannot give a global answer about how much time they spend on domestic vs. international projects.

Questions About Student jobs

We require a minimum duration of 3 months for an internship or a thesis. However, 4 – 6 months are preferable. Working student activities are usually possible from 6 months.

You can find the appropriate job listings here. The respective country office is the one that makes the selection.

You can apply at any time – ideally at least 1-2 months before the time you wish to begin.

In addition to internships that are mandatory in certain degree programs, you also have the option of doing a voluntary internship of longer than three months. We will review the possibilities for an internship on a case-by-case basis.

Experience Staufen on all Channels

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Here you can find the current listings for the fields of consulting and corporate functions. Furthermore, read here to learn about current positions for interns, trainees and students.

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Development at Staufen

At Staufen, professional development begins the moment you sign your contract. Your first day of work is our “welcome day.” This is when you learn about every aspect of the company. And as a consultant, you will naturally receive all of your work tools, including your laptop, smartphone, company car, business cards, etc.

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First steps at Staufen

When you come on board as a consultant at Staufen, we offer a wide variety of options, depending on your professional experience, industry competence, specialist expertise and your professional goals.

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