Digitize in a pragmatic and practical way

Digital competences are becoming a critical success factor for many companies.

They are an indispensable prerequisite, for example, for achieving higher productivity and efficiency through the intelligent production processes of Industry 4.0, for satisfying individual customer wishes more quickly and in a more targeted manner, or for developing entirely new industrial products and business models. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have a special need for support and advice in this area.

For one thing, smart-factory solutions help businesses increase the efficiency of their value chain; for another, digital portfolios provide opportunities to leverage the new markets that emerge. Only companies that optimize both of these factors will be winners in the digital transformation. This process not only means new products and services; it will also lead to a transition in traditional market logic. As a result, Germany’s federal ministry of economics intends to establish future-forward rules for the digital economy, sharing economy and digital platforms. It has launched a broad range of discussions to achieve this goal. One of the first outcomes has been the white paper on digital platforms which took the results of the discussion as the basis for presenting concrete suggestions about regulating digital policies.

Staufen AG offers you a pragmatic and methodical introduction. Together with you, we develop practical digital strategies for your company.

Making your company fit for the digital world

The four Staufen core approaches to digital transformation

  • Real-time data connectivity
  • Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive
  • Structured problem-solving with analytics
Process Excellence
  • End-to-end process optimization with process mining
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Digital Shopfloor Management
  • Multi-project control
  • Data-based, automatic deviation managemen
  • Digital/Smart Factory – strategy & concept
  • End-to-end value stream –potential analysis
  • Use Case – Identification and implementation

Your benefit

  • Why the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories matter – identifying and implementing the framework and impact you need to take part
  • Creating the prerequisites for an expedient and sustainable digital transformation
  • Fully understanding what digitization means for added value at your business
  • Develop practical solutions for the implementation of digitization requirements
  • Combining one-piece flow and intelligent automation 
  • Guiding principles for intelligent factories in a variety of industries
  • Testing, operational use and further development of ergonomic assembly and logistics concepts
  • Optimized manufacturing with lean and smart factory approaches
  • Get to know groundbreaking approaches for product and production in your environment
  • Dovetailing business processes and resources for flexible, efficient production with consistently high quality and low costs
  • Taking a fundamental approach to understanding problems — from developing solutions all the way to the prototype phase and testing
  • Conducting a complete design-thinking cycle within the team
  • The fundamentals of working together based on agile principles
  • Optimizing the customer journey by creating new customer interfaces

Our partner in the field of digitalization

Celonis SE is our partner in the area of Process Mining as well as for the discovery, validation and improvement of workflows by using Data Science.

Evolutionizer Solyp GmbH is our partner in the area of Digital Project Management and Strategy Deployment.

STAUFEN. ValueStreamer GmbH is our partner for Digital Shopfloor Management and Digital Project Management.

Shouldcosting GmbH is our partner in the area of Advanced Analytics with Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data-Mining and Data Stategy.

Plavis GmbH is our partner for Digital Factory Planning using the software visTABLE®.

Staufen Study: German Industry 4.0 Index 2022

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