Change Readiness Index 2022

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the German economy is under continuing pressure to transform. Yet, the current Change Readiness Index shows that companies have only been able to increase their ability to change slightly in recent years, despite turbulent times. Many measures that had to be implemented at speed during the COVID-19 pandemic have so far quite obviously had no deep impact.

Processes, structures, employee qualifications, leadership and corporate culture – everything that has shaped companies to date continues to be put to the test. If companies want to emerge successfully from the transformation, they must look beyond acute challenges and work intensively on their ability to change

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About the Study

For the “Companies in Change” study, we surveyed a total of 363 companies in Germany in the Fall of 2021, a good third of whom are from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, the electrical industry and the automotive sector.

“The primary challenge facing companies is to successfully master the desired cultural change within the company (Lean) and to prepare processes and products for the issues surrounding sustainability (Green).”

Udo Schlüter
Technical Manager, HARTAL Hans Holzhauer GmbH & Co. KG

What were the main drivers of this change?

Consequences of COVID-19 pandemic


Technological progress (e.g. digitalization)


Changes to the working world


Changes in the supply chain


Consequences of climate change


“We must not pretend that change is still on the horizon – we are already in the thick of it!”

Dr. Christian Hinsel
Vice President / Head of Production System & Strategy Management, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

How has your business changed over the past few years?

If you would like to learn more about the results of the study “Companies in Change”, please go here to the brochure on the study:

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Many entrepreneurs, executives and employees feel that no stone has been left unturned in their companies in recent months. Yet the Change Readiness Index shows that companies need to take a much more strategic approach to improving their ability to change.

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Experts on the Change Readiness Index 2022

Johannes Giloth, COO of GEA Group AG

“In the future, we will not see the global supply chains that we see today.”

The supply and logistics chains subjected to an endurance test by the world. Johannes Giloth, COO of GEA Group AG, explains why the MDAX Group has come through the crisis quite well so far and where, in his opinion, the greatest potential lies when it comes to sustainability.

“When it comes to green steel, Europe is the setting the pace.”

Hardly any other issue will demand as much change from the economy in the coming years as the reduction of CO2 emissions. Dr. Arnd Köfler, CTO of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, explains the challenges facing the long-established company and how it is dealing with them.

Dr. Arnd Köfler, CTO of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

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