Is your company adaptable to change?

Providing an objective answer to this question is not always easy.

The Change Readiness Self-Test allows organizations to rank their own level of adaptability when it comes to change.

A dynamic market environment offers lots of possibilities, but also poses challenges to companies when it comes to dealing with changing environmental conditions. The Corona pandemic put lots of organizations under extreme pressure in terms of making decisions (for example, supply chain, changes in distribution channels). The result: an abrupt and consequential transition. Crisis or not, companies should react to permanently changing environmental conditions through active adaptation to changing structures. In short: through adaptiveness to change.

“Decisions need to be implemented; otherwise, they’re nothing more than a mere declaration of intent.”

What about the ability of organizations to change and how can change be achieved?

We developed the “Change Readiness Self-Check” to help you find answers to these questions.

The self-test provides an overview to give you orientation, ideas, and points to focus on, a sort of control lever that helps you substantially improve your readiness to change: The Change Readiness Check highlights nine different elements that are decisive for the specific state of an organization such as, for example, organizational awareness, values and norms, or the structuring of decision-making processes.

  • In the first step, you are asked about the relevance of the individual elements to your own company.
  • Next, the status quo of an approach is analyzed in detail.
  • The divergence of both assessments leads to initial recommendations for action, which point out potential fields of action.
  • These may serve as the focus and substantiated basis for internal discussions and suggestions.

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