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Forbes Award 2022
September 13, 2022 Global news, News Germany

Consulting Awards: Staufen AG named leading management consultancy by “Forbes” and “Handelsblatt” / Excellent reputation in industry and automotive sector

Double honor for Staufen AG: Both US business magazine “Forbes” and Germany’s leading business newspaper “Handelsblatt” named the management consultancy one of the leading consulting firms in their recently presented rankings. Staufen AG is one of the top addresses, especially in industry, the automotive sector and for often family-run medium-sized businesses – both nationally and…

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Skyline Atlanta GA, USA
August 2, 2022 Global news, News USA

Being one step ahead of the next crisis: Setting up supply chains to be failsafe globally / Staufen is strengthening its foothold in the USA 

In the wake of the global crises, even serious voices are now questioning globalization. Yet fragile supply chains and unstable markets, in general, should not curtail global economic interdependencies. Quite the opposite: Companies seeking a multinational supply chain can successfully protect themselves against outside impacts. This is why the Staufen business consultancy focuses specifically on regionally anchored experts that maintain an international perspective.

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May 19, 2022 News Germany

Outdated leadership methods and an outdated understanding of careers prevent effective leadership in many companies – Study “Companies in Change”

Shaping change is a fundamental management task. As a result, companies have been working for years to improve their leadership culture. According to the study “Companies in Transition,” however, a comprehensive change in mentality has yet to take place. For example, a traditional image of a manager still prevails in nearly every second company. For the study, business consultancy Staufen surveyed more than 350 top executives of German companies.

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April 6, 2022 News Germany

Only one in three machinery and plant engineering companies is pursuing a clear green transformation strategy/Industry aims to be sustainable and climate-neutral in just a few years

According to the current study “Green Transformation in Mechanical and Plant Engineering,” only 35 percent of German mechanical and plant engineering companies have a green strategy that is also vigorously being pursued. By comparison, this ratio is at 46 percent in the automotive industry. In order to achieve the declared goal of climate neutrality by…

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March 3, 2022 News Germany

Eight out of ten companies trust financial investors to make a quicker turnaround than other shareholders/Staufen industry paper helps with the selection of the right investor – Private equity study

The German economy has provided a largely positive report on the private equity industry. Financial investors can assist companies as powerful partners especially in difficult situations, say 82% of companies. It is also expected that companies in crisis that have financial investors in their ownership group can succeed in making a quicker turnaround. In an industry analysis by the corporate consulting company Staufen, for which more than 200 shareholders, chairs, and managing directors of German companies were surveyed, it also becomes clear that private equity managers are frequently lacking a deep understanding of the operative day-to-day business of the companies in their portfolio.

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February 10, 2022 News Germany

Industry Paper Private Equity – Financial investments are in demand – now more than ever.

Many private equity managers are currently facing difficult tasks – also due to the impact of the corona crisis on the supply chain. Great potentials are no longer hidden in the balance sheets. Instead, the goal is to harmonize existing systems, optimize organizations, and achieve sustainability goals. This can only be achieved with a profound understanding of what happens on the factory floor.

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January 25, 2022 News Germany

Knowledge gaps in the workforce jeopardize future viability / Development of expertise in German companies is faltering – Study “Companies in Change”

The “Change Readiness Index 2022” surveyed by the management consultancy Staufen shows: German companies are making little progress in developing expertise on future issues. Not even every second company considers the current level of knowledge of its employees regarding topics such as Industry 4.0 or digitalization to be good. For the survey, Staufen AG interviewed more than 350 top executives of German companies as part of its “Companies in Transition” study.

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